Finding happiness in the life I live now 

This post is all about the different things I do now in my life, and how they all work together.

I’ve been doing things which make me smile: designing clothes, putting quotes on my wall, spending time with friends, reading books, and I am happy that I have had the opportunity to do all this.

Here’s a dress which I made with my mums help, on my amazing Singer sewing machine, which has a heart print and lace hem, isn’t it cute 🙂 :


I write in my beautiful gratitude journal, which helps me feel happy. I’ve been reading books on buddhism too and they allow me to take a step back from things I can step back from, which is so important, and know that I do not have to be overwhelmed. 

(This is a page from my gratitude journal, Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal: look at the beautiful illustrations!):

I listen to beautiful music on spotify: nature sounds, relaxing music, romantic ballads…And of course the Frozen classic, “Let it Go” 🙂

And then there’s the food and mindful eating: I love food! It is amazing to think about all the work that goes into the food we eat and how it was made, how incredible that the earth gives us food to eat.

meditation has made me think of impermanence: seeing the thoughts come one second, then pass away, seeing how sadness arises and then passes eventually, and the same with anger. It helps me feel comfortable with the sensations, with the pain that happens. I know it is part of being human, to feel sadness, to feel pain. This concept of impermanence is so freeing. Meditation has helped me to be in my own company: I like spending time by myself now and taking the time for myself. And it’s beautiful to realise that joy cannot exist without sadness or anger: it is through my deepest sadness and pain that I found out how strong and incredible joy can be.

So..although so many things changed for me, life can still be lovely 🙂




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