I see beauty

I wrote a poem, which was inspired by many things, but most of all the beautiful plant I have on my windowsill 🙂


I see beauty
in something so small
in a green shoot

I see beauty
in dirt
from which comes the little bud

I see beauty
in magnificence
in the star-speckled universe

I see beauty
in fear
as humans come together 

I see beauty
in pain
from which joy springs stronger

I see beauty
in the smiles 
of those I do not know

I see beauty
in simplicity
a gentle kiss on my head from the one I love

I see beauty
in solitude
as the present moment stands beside me

I see beauty
where it truly resides
with us, always



“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see”

Here is a picture of the beautiful greenshoots that inspired my poem ❤ :




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