I love fashion! It makes me happy and it expresses who I am. I used to go to J-Fashion meetups, and even just going to university or to see friends, I used to love picking out my outfits and choosing accessories.

I like a lot of pastel colours, flared and circle skirts, spots and bows, cartoon prints, pink and rainbow coloured things, anything cute really 💜 I love dressing in fairy kei, which is a type of japanese fashion, mainly 90’s inspired (like the original my little pony) and tutu skirts. Here’s me in a fairy-kei outfit for a birthday a few years ago!

Even though I don’t get to go out that much now, I still wanted this blog to be about this part of me too! I sew when I am feeling well enough, so I will be posting pictures of clothes and accessories when I make them.

And of course, I also love my cuddly toys 🙂 here’s Rose, she’s my favourite!