Gratitude: part 1

Last week, I had just done a very light yoga session. Despite the yoga being very gentle, I still felt frustrated that my capability had reduced so much – I felt dizzy even sitting up for a few minutes, and my legs were in pain – every time I put weight on them they hurt, and I was in a panicked state. But as my yoga teacher started the last relaxation part of our yoga class, something shifted. 

“Feel gratitude for your wonderful legs..your legs that carry you and bear your weight, even if it is only for very short distances for thankful to your legs, that are a part of you…

Be grateful to your  beating heart, for even when it is under pressure, it beats so well in order to pump blood to all the parts of your body that need it most” 

These words had a profound effect on me. I realised I needed to be kinder to my body. I am where I am, and I can accept myself wherever I am. You may ask – how can I accept myself when I wish I wasn’t like this? But right now, that is where you are. It doesn’t help to be upset and angry at yourself for being where you are right now. And only if you accept it, you can do what your body needs – and in my case, that is rest. So be where you are, and do only whatever you can 🙂

If my legs hurt today even more than they did yesterday,  I am still grateful to my body for working as much as it is, right now.  In fact, nothing can change where I am right now. So I make the most of all around me, in the present moment. This way of thinking brings me a lot of comfort. 

To end, here’s a sweet picture of Pooh and Piglet!

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